QGIS® is a geo-information system developed as open source software by a worldwide community. With QGIS®, spatial data can be processed in vector and raster formats. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License and can be used free of charge.

Phoenics develops QGIS® based application shells for the different subject cadastres, e.g. the FFL compliant QGIS® application for the tree cadastre, with which tree locations can be captured, thematically displayed, queried and output.

Prefabricated queries and filter functions are used to display different subject areas such as traffic safety, due checks, outstanding measures. Input masks facilitate the error-free input of the controls, the documentation of the damages and the implemented measures. Templates for plot output and reports round off the application.


CitiGenius is a pioneer in the creation of a compact spatial 3D city and 3D landscape (Smart City) as the basis for numerous ready-made and customer-based analysis tools and three-dimensional applications.

The CitiGenius technology is aimed at clients who wish to use data sets consisting of aerial photographs, buildings and other spatial and topographic maps for analyses in the fields of security, counter-terrorism, disaster control, risk assessment, but also wind energy, urban planning, solar analyses, etc.

The CitiGenius technology can be described in three stages:

Data integration] Integration of aerial photographs and two as well as three-dimensional vector data. Development of a 3D database, definition of the customer requirements and determination of the necessary adaptations / developments.
Creation 3D base model] Automatic derivation of a surface model with up to 1cm resolution and automatic extraction of objects such as buildings, vegetation, windows, doors, artificial objects and their automatic texturing with aerial or oblique images from aircraft or drones. The result is the “3D-Smart City Model” for interactive analysis, inspection and visualization as a film.
Application-related creation of a data and software package consisting of existing functions and analyses and, if required, newly developed solutions for special tasks.
CitiGenius delivers a complete 3D solution consisting of data, software and services.

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